Above: Doris Dockner Photographer: Tom Lamm

Above: Doris Dockner
Photographer: Tom Lamm

DORIS DOCKNER is an interior architect, artist, consultant, and concept designer. Her work has delighted colleagues and clients, winning numerous awards over the years for its ingenuity and creative approach to (re)conceptualizing space. Dockner’s architecture seeks to connect with nature, operating within a greater holistic framework that is mindful of both natural surroundings and the project’s unique goals. Doris Dockner is an indispensable part of every collaborative undertaking and assumes a personal responsibility to create evocative, effective and magnetic outcomes for individuals and communities alike. She seeks not only to answer, but to ask the right questions.

Doris Dockner is currently based in Graz, Austria, though projects take her far beyond the Styrian region.

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